Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Teknologi sinaran merupakan satu teknologi yang akan menarik banyak respon negatif dari pembaca. Lets face it. Many people, politicians included will get excited on the wrong side of the issue.  Jadi kita akan mendengar suara-suara penentangan  dari kumpulan “Pakar Lynas” seperti YB Fauziah dan gengnya. Sebagai masyarakat yang ingin melangkah ke era negara maju tak lama lagi, isu ini perlu di ketengahkan secara rasional. Mari kita dengar pendapat dari kedua-dua belah pihak tentang merit teknologi ini dengan membincangkan fakta bukannya persepsi yang sengaja di buat-buat. Di bawah ini saya poskan satu petikan dari iiA Newsletter. International Irradiation Association (iiA) merupakan persatuan industri yang berjuang bagi memperbaiki imej industri pemprosesan menggunakan sinaran di seluruh dunia. Saya bertuah kerana pernah menjadi wakil sebuah syarikat dari Malaysia yang menjadi ahli aktif persatuan ini.  Selamat membaca.
In this excellent video, http://youtu.be/087JTrlRUfk , John Stossel investigates food irradiation as a means to prevent 5,000 deaths in the US annually. The video reinforces the message that food irradiation is a safe, well-established technology. He clearly explains how anti-irradiation activists are "scaring people stupid about something that would save lives" and effectively counteracts the false claims made by the activists.
An estimated 48 million Americans are affected with a food-borne illness each year. In Canada, approximately 11 million people are affected - that is one in three. The 2011 outbreak of Escherichia coli O101:H4 in Germany was attributable to contaminated sprouts and caused widespread illness with a high rate of hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS) with a total of 3,816 cases of infection, including 54 deaths. Unknown is the global burden of foodborne diseases and its impact.
Why is irradiation not being used more? The science is sound. The technology is proven. The total volume of irradiated foods has double in the past five years to 409,000 metric tonnes of irradiated food. Of which, an estimated 80% is sold directly to consumers and is clearly labelled as irradiated. Consumer acceptance is not an issue.
However, some governments are still reluctant to take effective measures to protect their populations from foodborne pathogens and health hazards on the dinner plate. In part, this is due to allowing statements from activists to be confused with broader public opinion and perceived concern over consumer acceptance of irradiated foods.
All of us have the responsibility to elevate the discussion of food irradiation and share the facts. The video concludes with the American Council on Science and Health, making the point we should be getting rid of the unnecessary causes of death that are easy to take care of and food irradiation could help do that.
John Stossel is a well-known, award winning North American reporter that uses a science-based approach to challenge misinformation in a manner that helps the layperson understand technical issues.

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